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Dear Stylists, we need to talk..

I know.. I know..

"When will Dear Stylists stop going ghost?"

While our Day One stylists know we haven't closed one day, I can understand why a lack of social media presence would support that thought.

If I've never told you before, it is 100% possible to have a successful career without an extreme social media schedule or neglecting yourself in the process. I've spent 15 years in this industry as a Fashion Stylist and I never knew! I believed I had to give the internet all of me in order to win when its actually proven to be the opposite. I have to give me all of me before I can give anything to anyone. Everything else naturally falls into place after that.

While I've been away on one of my many Sabbaticals, I went "back into the field", or went back to my roots as a stylist. Since the pandemic, I've been straying away from anything that isn't Fashion Styling education.. but then it dawned on me that I should know whats going on in the industry currently to give you up to date information.

So that's what I did. Picked up a few celebrity gigs, became signed to a global label as wardrobe vendor, launched a few careers, consulted with some clients, launched a few new companies and studied like my life depended on it. While it constantly pulls at the time I have to engage with you all, it was totally worth the journey because I have so much new information to share.

I can't say that I won't need a little breaky break every now and then.. just know Dear Stylists is never closed (our website, email, and DM are always open) and if I'm not on social media its because I'm in the field working to provide you with the most up to date and accurate information.

As stated earlier, I have tons to share.. the good, the bad and the shady. So stay tuned because I will be engaging this summer. Miss you all DEARly!

Let's Style soon! - Jayne Do

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