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Editorial BTS: The Aftermath

Happy October Fashion Stylists!

As we enter the final quarter of this crazy year, I would like to end 2021 with the same energy I am going to have for the Fashion Styling industry in 2022.

One of my major goals is to interact with you more and become even more transparent about this process. I must admit, my obsession for perfection has made building out DS more difficult than it needed to be.. those days are behind us now and I look forward to possibly oversharing my journey with you.

Starting with BTS of my latest editorial.

I was contacted a week prior to production (a running theme in my Fashion Styling career, lol) and I agreed to style despite being completely overwhelmed by work. In these cases, I would normally turn down the shoot, however, I was feeling completely unmotivated by recent projects I've been retained for and decided this is what I needed to "get back out there" on my terms.

Get back out there was an understatement. Can yall believe I agreed to do 7 looks with my car in the shop and no access to underexposed editorial pieces in the Houston area? Insanity!! But, I was determined and somehow I got the job done.

So here's how I got it done:

As luck would have it, my first load of showroom pieces made it to my office. Saved by the box! I ordered 21 pieces, and they all came in perfect condition.

For production, there was a total of 3 female models (in need of 2 looks each) and 1 male model (in need of 1 look). We didn't have time for a group fitting so I did a home fitting with myself as the model. (LOL)

To save time on set:

- Completely styled the looks.

- I printed the model's portraits on paper and clipped them to the fully styled looks.

- I assigned each model their own garment bag for easy setup.

- Packed my style kit and shoe-case

The call time was at 3p for models and 5p for me. (Some sets do this because styling is the very last thing on the list). Once I made it to set, I unpacked and begin to take BTS photos while I waited on my turn with the models.

Luckily, everything fit and everything looked amazing! I left set with a swollen head after receiving so many compliments. I was able to meet some incredible people, create meaningful relationships, and actually do the work I love doing.

I am very satisfied with the outcome and I look forward to receiving the photos and videos back. I will update this blog and post them here.

Do you have any recent fashion styling experiences you would like to share? Comment on this post and let's talk about it.

Have a kick-ass month!

Jayne Do

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