“DEAR STYLISTS: A Guide to Upgrading your Fashion Styling Experience” provides a comprehensive approach to Industry Fashion Styling.


This entry-level guide helps aspiring stylists become emerging fashion styling entrepreneurs with transparent insight and resources. This guide also helps stylists understand all aspects of fashion and wardrobe styling from start to finish. 


Dear Stylists includes over 7 Chapters of:

7 Detailed Chapters ft. 

  • Dear Stylists, What do you do?
  • What services will you offer?
  • Freelance vs. Corporate Based vs. Agency Styling 
  • Styling the Rich and Famous.
  • Assisting vs. Internships
  • Pre-Production & Post-Production
  • Packaging it all up!


Fashion Styling Keywords + Glossary

Industry & Networking Tips

Shared personal experiences from Founder of DS, Jayne Do

Electronic Press Kit Examples and more!



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DEAR STYLISTS: Series 1 | Volume 1


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